Guy Fawkes night celebration fireworks in Chislehurst, Kent.

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Wyngate Technology are based in the village of Chislehurst in Kent. Chislehurst is within the M25 and less than 30 minutes from London mainline stations.

Did you know that Napoleon III lived in Chislehurst?
Napoleon III, Charles-Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, the first President of the French Republic and the last monarch of France and the nephew of Napoleon I spent the last few years of his life in exile in England. He stayed in Camden Place (now the Golf Club) in Chislehurst. The Emperor died in 1873 and was buried at St Mary's Catholic Church. His son, Louis Prince Imperial was buried beside his father some years later after being killed in South Africa by Zulu warriors. Their bodies were later moved to Farnborough, Hampshire.
A stone memorial cross is in Prince Imperial Road to commemorate the Prince's death

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